Modern Therapies and Their Short Review

Two latest and at the same time oldest additions to the world of popular and available therapies are stone and polarity therapies. Being on top of popularity today, they still raise many questions in the people’s minds. In this article you will find short overview of each of these therapies to clarify what they are and what they can offer.

Stone Therapy

Stone therapy is a kind of massage therapy during which a therapist uses hot stones to influence specific points at your body and improve blood pressure. If you find Stone Therapist who is a professional you will have a pleasant and relaxing experience of the therapy coming from smooth, heated stones working as extensions of the expert’s hands. The heat works as an additional relaxing factor to help your body warm up tight muscles and relief any pains and aches occurring.

As a rule, stone therapist uses basalt stones of different shapes and sizes heated gently in bath of 50-65C prior to your arrival. Most frequently stone therapy is performed on the patient’s back. Traditionally, you will be warmed up with general massage and only on the warmed body hot stones will be applied.

With the help of stones and their application to specific points on your body, and especially on your spinal cord, the stone therapist improves blood flow and energetic filling of your body. The pressure and heat applied with stones will help you relive pains and stresses, tension and even frequent cramps over several visits.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a kind of holistic approach to well-being and health. The main idea of the therapy is to use life energy, restore it, and improve it, because all or diseases and problems come from the blocking of this life energy. The free flow of life energy is vital for our health so therapy aims to improve or support it, improve or correct imbalances of the energy flow and also enable the body’s self-healing system to operate effectively.

The therapy is not similar to classic massage approach, but is based on coordination of the therapist’s moves with your body’s life energy. The professional will use special bodywork to release tension and any possible holding patterns in the mental (psychic) and physical body. The life force and strength inherent for all people is enliven with the therapy and thus enables you to reconnect with the deep core of the self-being. A professional polarity therapist ensures that you learn through the therapy to prolong the continuation of the expression of the essential self and that you get back the wholeness and wellbeing. The techniques used in polarity therapy come from the East.

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