5 Best Food For Flat Abs


Closeup of half of the body of a young and athletic woman showing her toned abs in a gym
Closeup of half of the body of a young and athletic woman showing her toned abs in a gym

Getting flat abs is as simple as watching your diet and the different food you consume. In fact, the abs are one of the body parts that are easy to train due to their ability to show themselves once your body fat drops percentages drop below 10%. They key when choosing the best food for your flat abs are to 1) reduce bloat and 2) increase protein absorption in the body for proper muscle-protein synthesis. Once you’ve all these down, say hello to flat abs for life!


Fibres are key to getting rid of the waste lying around in your stomach and the easiest way is to consume fruits like the apple. According to leading research found from a 2003 journal from Nutrition, they found overweight women losing far more weight when they consume three apples a day. In addition to fibre in apple, the high water content helps to keep you feeling full so you don’t munch around unnecessarily during the day.


This dairy food is one of the few sources that not only aids in losing weight, its brilliant for your protein consumption requirements. Yogurts are high in calcium and recent studies from the International Journal of Obesity claimed that people lose far more weight around their belly when they consume yogurt on a daily basis. Not to mention the probiotic present in yogurts that keep your digestive tract healthy, ultimately reducing the gas and bloat in your body. Try to go for greek yogurt or one that is fat free so that you don’t gain unnecessary calories when having your daily cup of yogurt. You could choose to accompany it with another source of fibre to boost that digestive action.


Salmon is one of the little seafood that are full of omega three fatty acids and high in protein content. These fatty acids not only encourage metabolic rates; they help to improve one’s glucose-insulin response in the body according to an Australian study. The protein content is also extremely high, making this a healthy alternative to chicken breast.


The mother of all protein sources, versatile and vital in every aspect of health, eggs are essential for building the best abs you can ever have. With over 6 grams of protein per egg and tons of vitamins packed into this holy grail, you would never go wrong with an egg or two every morning. If you’re thinking about the rumours of eggs containing cholesterol and in turn raising your blood cholesterol levels, put your heart at ease because research has shown that dietary cholesterol does not do that.


Enriched with high levels of protein, mono-saturated fats and mineral, almonds will keep your appetite at bay while providing you with the much needed proteins you require. In addition to this, the magnesium allows you to better regulate the amount of blood sugar in your body, effectively reducing the sugar cravings you may experience in your diet.

Nonetheless, flat abs doesn’t mean toned abs. Therefore it is still encouraged to couple your flat abs goal with a set of targeted abdominal exercises to achieve a well sculpted abs.

Good luck and all the best!

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