5 Best Food For Flat Abs


Closeup of half of the body of a young and athletic woman showing her toned abs in a gym
Closeup of half of the body of a young and athletic woman showing her toned abs in a gym

Getting flat abs is as simple as watching your diet and the different food you consume. In fact, the abs are one of the body parts that are easy to train due to their ability to show themselves once your body fat drops percentages drop below 10%. They key when choosing the best food for your flat abs are to 1) reduce bloat and 2) increase protein absorption in the body for proper muscle-protein synthesis. Once you’ve all these down, say hello to flat abs for life!


Fibres are key to getting rid of the waste lying around in your stomach and the easiest way is to consume fruits like the apple. According to leading research found from a 2003 journal from Nutrition, they found overweight women losing far more weight when they consume three apples a day. In addition to fibre in apple, the high water content helps to keep you feeling full so you don’t munch around unnecessarily during the day.


This dairy food is one of the few sources that not only aids in losing weight, its brilliant for your protein consumption requirements. Yogurts are high in calcium and recent studies from the International Journal of Obesity claimed that people lose far more weight around their belly when they consume yogurt on a daily basis. Not to mention the probiotic present in yogurts that keep your digestive tract healthy, ultimately reducing the gas and bloat in your body. Try to go for greek yogurt or one that is fat free so that you don’t gain unnecessary calories when having your daily cup of yogurt. You could choose to accompany it with another source of fibre to boost that digestive action.


Salmon is one of the little seafood that are full of omega three fatty acids and high in protein content. These fatty acids not only encourage metabolic rates; they help to improve one’s glucose-insulin response in the body according to an Australian study. The protein content is also extremely high, making this a healthy alternative to chicken breast.


The mother of all protein sources, versatile and vital in every aspect of health, eggs are essential for building the best abs you can ever have. With over 6 grams of protein per egg and tons of vitamins packed into this holy grail, you would never go wrong with an egg or two every morning. If you’re thinking about the rumours of eggs containing cholesterol and in turn raising your blood cholesterol levels, put your heart at ease because research has shown that dietary cholesterol does not do that.


Enriched with high levels of protein, mono-saturated fats and mineral, almonds will keep your appetite at bay while providing you with the much needed proteins you require. In addition to this, the magnesium allows you to better regulate the amount of blood sugar in your body, effectively reducing the sugar cravings you may experience in your diet.

Nonetheless, flat abs doesn’t mean toned abs. Therefore it is still encouraged to couple your flat abs goal with a set of targeted abdominal exercises to achieve a well sculpted abs.

Good luck and all the best!

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Cash Advance Loan as The Solution for Your Financial Problem

No one likes to have financial problem as it makes someone needs to turn the head more and more. However, this kind of problem still often occurs among the life of the people. When you need to get extra money to cover the bills and your needs, then you need to find a way as the solution for you. Moreover, if you have bad credit background as the record of your credit process, it might be harder for you to get the solution to a bank or any financial institution. You will only have exhausting process to apply for loan in those places.

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Cash advance loan is a short term loan that enables you to have quick cash in emergency situation with easy requirements and process. You need to pay it back 30 days after you receive the money. The requirement is not that difficult as you only need to have your employment status, regular monthly payday and the recommendation letter from your close ones. Then, your job is to find the lenders. In order to start applying for loan, you need to have PC and internet connection. All the process will be done on the internet so that it is very easy to do.

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Sex Expert Dr. Jennifer Berman Teaches You About Man-Kegels

Most men have heard of Kegels, but they believe that it is only for women. That is not true though. Men can actually do Kegels, and they should too. Not only do they benefits their health, but their sex life will feel more stimulating too.

            Surprised? Most men are. A lot can be learned from this video by Dr. Jennifer Berman who is a sex expert. She explains the benefits for men and how men can practice them.

            Kegels can be extremely beneficial for men of all ages because it can increase the rigidity of their erection, delay orgasm and increase its intensity.

            Read more about the benefits of pelvic floor exercises for men here and get started!

Modern Therapies and Their Short Review

Two latest and at the same time oldest additions to the world of popular and available therapies are stone and polarity therapies. Being on top of popularity today, they still raise many questions in the people’s minds. In this article you will find short overview of each of these therapies to clarify what they are and what they can offer.

Stone Therapy

Stone therapy is a kind of massage therapy during which a therapist uses hot stones to influence specific points at your body and improve blood pressure. If you find Stone Therapist who is a professional you will have a pleasant and relaxing experience of the therapy coming from smooth, heated stones working as extensions of the expert’s hands. The heat works as an additional relaxing factor to help your body warm up tight muscles and relief any pains and aches occurring.

As a rule, stone therapist uses basalt stones of different shapes and sizes heated gently in bath of 50-65C prior to your arrival. Most frequently stone therapy is performed on the patient’s back. Traditionally, you will be warmed up with general massage and only on the warmed body hot stones will be applied.

With the help of stones and their application to specific points on your body, and especially on your spinal cord, the stone therapist improves blood flow and energetic filling of your body. The pressure and heat applied with stones will help you relive pains and stresses, tension and even frequent cramps over several visits.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a kind of holistic approach to well-being and health. The main idea of the therapy is to use life energy, restore it, and improve it, because all or diseases and problems come from the blocking of this life energy. The free flow of life energy is vital for our health so therapy aims to improve or support it, improve or correct imbalances of the energy flow and also enable the body’s self-healing system to operate effectively.

The therapy is not similar to classic massage approach, but is based on coordination of the therapist’s moves with your body’s life energy. The professional will use special bodywork to release tension and any possible holding patterns in the mental (psychic) and physical body. The life force and strength inherent for all people is enliven with the therapy and thus enables you to reconnect with the deep core of the self-being. A professional polarity therapist ensures that you learn through the therapy to prolong the continuation of the expression of the essential self and that you get back the wholeness and wellbeing. The techniques used in polarity therapy come from the East.

Nelly Jennings is a freelance writer for a range of Internet content networks, who writes about a range of themes connected to modern therapies such as when and why should one find polarity therapist or stone therapist and anything else related. A restless vagabond of digital community and an influential figure in all things related to the therapy treatment.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits for a Healthy Life

Undoubtedly healthy living and weight loss are the two most trending topics these days that overwhelm the internet world. No matter which website you visit, you will find ads and banners flashing all around the content. We often regard them as spam or consider overhyped. But as a matter of fact, a little awareness can go a long way. You don’t really need to hit a gym or enroll for some health related program. All you need to do is change certain wrong habits and incorporate some healthy ones, and you will be sorted. It is easier said than done but all long journeys start with a small step. You too start with these and see things changing.

    • Quit Smoking- There couldn’t be a better way to start your ‘Operation Healthy Living’ with giving up your habit of smoking. No matter what do you smoke- weeds or filtered cigarettes, you must be clear that each puff you take is injurious for you as well as people around you. Take the statutory warning written on the packet seriously.
    • Say a no to sedentary lifestyle- It is understood that work pressure is taking a toll on you but don’t surmount the problem with a sedentary problem. Lazing around during the free time may lift up your spirit but not for your health. Instead, use this time for some free hand exercises, swimming, jogging or running. You don’t really need a gymnasium for staying fit. Even walking and some easy exercises done at home can work too. But whatever you do should be done regularly.
    • Natural cures can be healthy options- Instead of rushing to doctors every time for fever or common cold, go for natural remedies. Detox is also a natural way of cleansing of the toxins and waste materials accumulated in your body. Naturopathy consists of yoga, massage, chiropractic ways, spa, fasting, therapeutic baths, proper diet etc. Best part of these options is that they do not have any side effects like allopathic or other medicinal ways of cure.
    • Strict no to junk food- This is one habit you must develop in yourself as well as your kids. A proper nutritious diet is nowhere in comparison with these convenient foods that are high on calories, carbohydrates starch and sodium. Aerated drinks, oily food, ready-to-eat food packets etc. may tingle your taste buds but do irreparable damage to your body in the long run. Switch to a balanced diet which contains right amount of vitamins, proteins, calcium, fiber, sodium, potassium, carbs, calories etc. because our body needs everything.
  • Maintain a disciplined schedule- It is very important to follow a definite regime in your everyday life in whatever you do. Have your meals on time at a right interval, go to sleep early so that you can wake up early after having at least 6 hours of sound sleep, wear comfortable clothing and most importantly, have a healthier mindset. Avoid stress, laugh more often and take things slowly one at a time.

These are only few things in count but can make a huge difference in your health. Try to incorporate them in your life and feel it changing almost miraculously.

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There Is More Than One Way To Get The Most Out Of Yoga – Surprise Benefits For A Better You

Can Yoga workouts help people with pain control and decrease emotions of attack and inner anger?

It would be an overstatement to suggest that doing yoga exercises is the simple way to, say, give up smoking, quit irrational drinking, or to begin exercising regularly.

Yoga exercise simply says that; when a person begins to feel great inside, he by characteristics usually act in ways that improve and advance this feeling of inner health and fitness.

While smoking cigarettes is a addiction and the body will respond to the loss of excessive components like tobacco and tar, yoga exercises will assist the process. It will help give the person the durability and judgment that they require in order to distinguish that smoking cigarettes really does not make them sense well. In fact they will discover, beyond question, that rather than feeling well, smoking cigarettes really makes one feel bad.

However there’s no endeavor here in the least to connote that quitting smoking is simple, or just a matter of self-control. Scientists have established that there’s a true physical addiction that’s in place, beside an emotional addiction that can be even as potent; maybe even stronger.

The point here is simply to help you understand that yoga practicing can help an individual make witting residing options that enhance happy and healthy living. This can include:

Eating sounder
Stop smoking
Acquiring more sleep
Bringing down stress at work
Scaling down excess drinking
Furthering more appropriate relationships all around

Yoga workouts do not assure anybody that these difficulties will generally be solved instantly. At most, yoga is the light that reveals you the aspects you need to fix; and when you see it, it gets much more aboveboard – let alone effective and time efficient – to fix issues.

Emotional Welfare.

Yoga workouts have as well been marketed for its particular power to help people in reducing feelings of assault and inner rage. Due to extinguishing these dangerous feelings, the limitation to self toleration and self knowing shows up.

Controlling Pain.

Pain or discomfort management is a different advantage of yoga exercises. Since discomfort and continuous ache are circumstances that touch all of us at some point, understanding the positive link between yoga exercises and discomfort management may be valuable.

It can besides be financially useful, since the prescribed analgesic business is a multi-billion cash market and many people, particularly as they age, discover that their insurance policy plan will not protect for all drugs and pain medications.

There are lots of Yoga forms.

It’s comical to perspective it this way, but along with the factors that have distributed yoga exercises in the western, is the same factors that can rarely keep somebody from really discovering it and accordingly getting its health and fitness benefits.

Sometimes when there’s basically one of something – like one concept, or one language, or one anything – it’s complicated for that aspect to distribute outside of those who follow it, believe the truth with it, or merely want it to go on living. All the same when there are several concepts and ideas, the chance of it increasing step-up; there are just more individuals out there who will be able to access it, discuss it, and make it a part of their way of living.

How does this impact yoga? Well, there are lots of different types of yoga; and the purpose for this is that yoga exercises is not a religion; it’s a draft of being in existence. It’s very versatile and provides well across social, nation, and spiritual limitations.

Thanks to its diverseness and unlike facets and forms, yoga has dispersed very swiftly through the western world for more than a hundred years and is dispersing quicker now than ever before.

All the same this very diverseness has led to some mix-up; and people who have been revealed to one kind of yoga exercise might think that they have seen it all. It is very unpleasant when this someone has been revealed to only one kind of yoga that – for whatever reason – they didn’t appreciate or maybe were not quite ready for.

Five Tips To Maintain A Beautiful And Young-Looking Skin

People age. That is inevitable. The best people can do about it, is slow it down through properly taking care of the skin and body. Having beautiful and young-looking skin does not only mean a pleasant appearance but it can also indicate good health. However, with stress and pollution that is always present in the environment, it can be very challenging for people to achieve. Still, there are ways to manage it and below are seven tips that you can follow.

1. Antioxidants. Food rich with anti-oxidants are great for the skin as it cleanses the skin from the inside. Always make a habit of eating food that is rich with those nutrients such as dark leafy greens, richly colored leafy greens like broccoli, spinach, drumstick leaves, small red bean, wild blueberry, red kidney bean, pinto bean, blueberry, cranberry, artichoke, blackberry, prune, raspberry, strawberry, red apple, pecan, sweet cherry, black plum, russet potato, black bean, and plum.

2. Water. It can also help keep the skin look good. The water in the skin serves as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Too much fluid loss or dehydration can make your skin dry and wrinkled. Be sure to be properly hydrated to avoid experiencing wrinkles and dry skin.

3. Moisturizer. Moisturizers are good to help lock the moisture in your skin. There are different moisturizers that you can take advantage in the market. The organic the moisturizers are, the better.

Also, If you have been constantly battling with fine lines, stretch marks, scars, dryness, and uneven skin tone, shea butter is great. It is even commended to cure serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis according to medical experts.

4. Sun protection. According to a British Association of Dermatologists survey, sun protection can keep the skin look younger. Exposure to the sun affects the elastin in the skin that can lead to wrinkles and sun-induced skin aging and worst, skin cancer. Make sure you have sun protection every time you head out especially if you are in a tropical country.

5. Vices. It would do you much favor to minimize or better quit your vices like smoking and drinking alcohol. Studies have shown that smoking can reduce the skin’s natural elasticity through promoting the breakdown of collagen and reducing the amount that is produced. Collagen is a protein which helps skin strength. Drinking alcohol, on the other hand, can make your body and skin dehydrated making the skin look old and tired.

For more information, check here

If you want to maintain a beautiful and young-looking skin, check this out.

Sleep and Good Health

There are people who lack sleep because of their work schedule or simply because of sleep disorders like insomnia. When we don’t get enough sleep, it can be a major cause for the decline of our health. This is because our body has an internal clock. Well, it has actually has many internal clocks -from our brain to our lungs and liver and even our skeletal muscles. Having a body clock or clocks means that our body follows a cycle. Breaking this cycle can lead to health risks. And not getting enough sleep, which is a cycle-breaker, increases our chances of getting sick.

Less sleep can lead to a weakened immune system

Lack of sleep can weaken our immune system, which is why we can get sick when we lack shuteye time. There have been studies that showed that combining stress with less sleep time can interfere with the immune system function. This then increases one’s susceptibility to the common cold. A weakened immune system also means a slower time for wounds to heal.

Living in sync with our body clock

One of the cornerstones of excellent health is getting enough slumber time. You may not feel the effects of poor sleeping habits now, but you will in the future. If your lifestyle is in sync with your circadian (24-hour) rhythms, aside from feeling good, you also maintain your optimal health. If you can, try to, in fact, make it a point to establish healthy routines in terms of not only sleeping but also in eating and exercising. Stick to these routines, even during weekends. Breaking the cycle can lead to health consequences.

Sleep and physical health

Eating well and exercising won’t assure of excellent health if you don’t get enough shuteye time. No amount of healthy food and exercise can compensate for a lack of sleeping time. However, eating a well-balanced diet and performing physical exercises can help you sleep better. If your napping habits are poor, it directly affects your immune system. And again, when your immune system gets weak, your body becomes more vulnerable to certain diseases.

Establish a good sleeping habit

The only solution to getting the sleep you need is to establish a daily routine that allows for it. Make it a goal each day to drift to dreamland for at least 5-6 hours minimum. If you find it hard to sleep at night, there are resources on the web that can help you doze off easily other than counting sheep.

Align with your body’s circadian rhythms when it comes to naptime and be in the prime of your health.

If you lack sleep daily, there are ways you can boost your immune system, and one of these is by taking Propolis. You can buy Propolis at LifetimeHealth.

5 Signs of Menopause You Should Know

Menopause is a term used to describe the changes women go through around the time they stop menstruating. Generally this happens around the age of 50. Not only does menopause represent the end of a woman’s reproductive cycle but it also is associated with a variety of other changes.

Women do experience menopause in a variety of different ways. Some women go through menopause over a long period of time while others describe a much briefer and more subdued menopausal experience. Hormonal changes including declines in estrogen are thought to be at the heart of many of the changes associated with menopause.

Some women also go through a sudden onset of surgical-induced menopause if they have a hysterectomy or any other medical procedure that limits the flow of blood to the ovaries. This menopausal experience can be more dramatic since hormonal changes happen very quickly rather than over the course of many years.

Regardless of individual differences, there are certain signs of menopause that tend to be quite common for women. It is helpful to be aware of changes related to menopause since it can sometimes be mistaken for other physical conditions.

5 Signs of Menopause That Many Women Experience

If you are a woman nearing menopausal age or have a friend or parent who is experiencing menopause, here are 5 signs of menopause that are helpful to know:

  1. Irregular or non-existent periods. One of the most basic signs of menopause involves the end of menstrual cycles. Typically this happens gradually over a period of time (referred to as perimenopause). During perimenopause women often experience a change in menstrual cycles and as menopause nears, periods may happen with increasing irregularity until they finally end completely. It can also happen very quickly, especially from medically induced menopause.
  2. Changes in mood. Hormones have a powerful effect on our moods and the changes in hormones during menopause can trigger a range of emotions. Some women experience more mood swings, heightened anxiety, or fatigue.
  3. Sudden shifts in body temperature. You’ve probably heard the term “hot flashes” before. Sometimes called night sweats, these dramatic shifts in body temperature can be quite intense. Some women experience more mild hot flashes while others have a more intense experience. There are a variety of lifestyle changes, non-prescription remedies, and even prescription medicines sometimes used to treat hot flashes. Hot flashes can cause sleep problems for some women. It helps to stay cool while sleeping and this can include wearing layers that are easy to put on and take off, drinking cold water, and having a fan or easy access to temperature control in your bedroom. Innovations in some of the best mattresses also offer cooling technologies that work to draw away body heat to create a more comfortable, cooler sleep experience.
  4. Sleep problems. Many women experience sleep problems during menopause. This may include waking up more frequently in the night and having difficulty falling back to sleep. Sleep problems during menopause are often associated with hot flashes and night sweats but may also be caused by other things including mood changes. If you are experiencing sleep problems it is always advisable to consult a medical professional for help. Sleep problems should be taken seriously since getting plenty of quality sleep is incredibly important to a person’s health and well-being.
  5. Urinary changes. During and even after menopause some women experience urinary changes that may include increased difficulty with bladder control. This can become particularly noticeable during laughter or following a sneeze. This so-called stress incontinence is common and it is caused by declining amounts of estrogen. When a woman has less estrogen, muscles may become weaker and this includes those responsible for controlling the bladder. Some women also experience more urinary tract infections during menopause.

If you are experiencing some of the signs of menopause, it may be helpful to chart your experience. Sometimes when you are able to look at patterns over a period of time, it gives you a better understanding of what’s happening. There are free templates available online to chart your menopausal symptoms including those offered through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

While women may experience the signs of menopause differently, it is important to note that menopause is a completely natural phase in a woman’s life. Fortunately there are plenty of suggestions for addressing some of the more challenging symptoms of menopause, while also embracing a new life phase that can include new freedoms and rewards.

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Promoting Healthy Eating Habits In Children

Healthy food can help your child to grow. The right kind of food can help your kids in developing a good body, make their minds alert, and help them improve in their learning. A common factor, which often encourages children and adults to buy junk food, is advertisements and TV commercials which claim to sell delicious and mouth watering snacks that are good for the health. In reality, it is not true, and it is very difficult to find a substitute for nutritious food. Parents should encourage their kids to eat healthy food. A few suggestions may help you in encouraging good eating habits for your children.

Tips to promote healthy eating in children

• Take regular family meals, do not skip them. If possible, try to have the meals together, at a fixed time. Knowing that dinner is going to be served at a particular time, and everybody will be waiting for you to join them can not only create strong family bonds, but also encourage the youngsters to consume a full meal. Also, make sure you have some breakfast. It is medically found that having breakfast is good for your health. Kids who have breakfast tend to do better at school.

• Make it a practice to cook meals at home. Homemade cooking is much better for health. You tend to limit the usage of butter, fats, and cooking oils which is good for healthy living. You stop the accumulation of body fat, and keep you physique in good shape. You can dine out on special occasions.

• Involve the kids with housework and shopping while buying groceries. Kids love to help their parents in carrying things from the supermarket to the parking lots. Also, ask them what kind of food they would prefer to have in their lunch box. Asking them can get your children interested in what they eat. In addition, you can also educate them regarding food habits and nutritive value of foodstuffs. It’s a great way to teach them good eating habits.

• Go in for a variety while preparing snacks and dinner. Children tend to get bored eating the same kind of food every day. Keep the food interesting and different to ensure they always ask for it, rather than you having to force them to eat.

• Try to include low calorie food in your daily diet. Make sure you have plenty of fruits in your kitchen, in addition to whole grain preparations, vegetables, and beverages such as milk, fruit juices, water, etc.

• Don’t force you kids to eat food. The more you force them, the more resilient they are likely to become while eating. Rather encourage them in the correct manner, and if they still don’t agree – simply leave it at that.

Babies should be given the right kind of nutritious food to sustain their good health. However, for babies suffering from serious disorders, it is essential to regulate the intake of Redox signaling molecules, which are necessary to support their main treatment. It is advisable to check out the products by Asea advancing life, which can be very useful.