How To Make Choosy Children Enjoy Healthy And Nutritive Food

Children can be picky about what they eat. It is a normal part of growing up, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, at times, children develop a habit of eating junk food, or ask for food that is not appropriate for them. This can often create problems with their parents, since the child may suffer from deficiencies and disorders if he or she does not consume nutritious food. While you can supplement your child’s food with special nutrients, it is always advisable to go in for natural products such as green vegetables and milk, which is best recommended for overall growth. So, if your child is fussy about what he or she eats, how can you make him or her eat healthy food? A couple of suggestions may help you deal with the problem in a much easier way.

Tips to make children eat more vegetables and fruits

If you can make the meals interesting for your kids, perhaps you have won half the battle of encouraging them to eat nutritious food. So how do get to make your food look and taste more interesting for them?

• Decorate the bowl containing whole grain cereals with a “smiley” character face – the kind you use while sending SMS, and while chatting. You could use banana slices to represent the eyes, raisins to make a nose, peach or an apple slice for the mouth.

• Design a “food college”. For trees, use broccoli florets, carrots and celery in place of flowers, cauliflower to represent clouds, and a big yellow squash to make the sun. It can make the food look attractive to kids, and they are more likely to eat it.

• Prepare frozen kabobs made out of fruits using pineapple, grapes, bananas, and berries.

• Take the kids along when you go shopping. Let them discover different types of vegetables and fruits available, and encourage them to try new ones every time you visit. This can also provide you with an opportunity to teach you kids about the nutritive value of vegetables and fruits.

• Encourage your children to have fruit smoothies for a quick afternoon snack, or for breakfast.

• While cooking baked dishes, add fruits and vegetables to them. You could use them for toppings. Zucchini bread, blueberry pancakes, and carrot muffins are excellent choices.

• While preparing soups, make sure you use extra vegetables and sauces. You could also shred or grate them so they can blend in easily.

• Keep lot so fresh vegetables and fruits available at all times. Wash and store them properly so they do not become stale. It is recommended to keep apples, bananas, pears, figs, grapes, carrot, and even celery sticks for a quick snack. Nut butter and yogurt can be used for extra protein.

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